Goodbye Fedora?

Goodbye, Fedora

Well, ol’e ESR has finally managed to realize what I did when RedHat dropped RH9 on the floor. I do like trying out the Core releases at least once a year in the hope there will be some rekindling of the lost love, but the last time I tried, FC6 was a disappointment; all in all, I’ve never kept one of them FCs longer than a week in my boxes. At least FC6 didn’t fry my favorite LCD as RH9 so diligently did to my fav CRT at that time.

While I find the opinions of ESR about policy, economy and society to be sectarian to say the least, I think his technical knowledge and skill are worth a dime. And in that frame of reference, ESR is someone whose opinions are usually worth listening to. His (non-political) arguments to explain why Fedora sucks are right on the money.