The iPhone will fail. In your dreams!

My friend M forwarded a comment that crossed one of the mailing lists he subscribes to. (Not sure which one though, he sorta forgot to mention that). Well he is presently a Mac user while I’m a recovering one[1].

He cites a post (that I don’t want to quote it entirely without proper attribution). Here is an excerpt of the end of that post:

I’ve got guys at work who upgrade their phones faster than I change my pants ( Embarassed ) and they use practically none of the phone’s features, they have the ‘latest’ phone because it’s the thing to have! (One guy was getting the Nokia N80 – I commented on the fact he’d be able to use it for VOIP, because it’s got Wifi – He didn’t have a clue!)

The iPhone will succeed because the average punter will not know any better!

Another proof sent by M that the iPhone will sell, and profusely: There is already a shareware application for the iPhone.

I agree with the assessment. As long as there are people willing to throw money on useless objects (even if useless only to themselves) just for the sake of trying to achieve social status, products like the iPhone will have surefire commercial success. He! In fact, that’s a clear demonstration that we “humans” are just big hairless apes, ultimately we care about status in the herd and how much food and sex we can get out of it. It is difficult to leave our animal instinctual behavior behind after all. Things have gotten worse with the centuries, before women would have little bastards with the Landlord and expect a good future for the children (some even got to be Pope!), nowadays they do it with any loser who’s got a Nokia N80.

[1] Not really, I would buy one of them newflangled MacBook Pro thingies with an Intel quad-core in the spur of the moment, if I didn’t know already that those CPUs are pure crap: whoever buys one of those must know that that those Core Duo 2 are two Core Duo CPUs slaped together with nothing more than string and spit. If you want a real 4-core CPU, buy an AMD Opteron 64 or wait for the AMD Athlon 64 and Turion 64 quad-cores later this year, sometime.