I’ve given up on Ubuntu, the community

but not on the distribution, yet..

I’m fed up of the hand holding and the political correctness that has statarted to perfuse the IRC channels. I was banned from #ubuntu+1 only because I told some idiotic teenager to use a different version or distribution if he (or she) was fed up with the bugs in a development version that’s not yet stable enough for a new user? Now, I never go there to ask questions but to help. I’ve never got real help in IRC, because in general most people there are a bunch of ignorant children. Rather it is I who gives help to others. I feel justified in my decision of not wanting to teach anymore. As far as I know, my knowledge stays with me and whoever wants to learn what I know may come and beg as all good true students with potential for mastery have done for the last ten thousand years. Does the latter thought offend you? That only means you have lots to learn and I may even teach you one or two things if you ask nicely.

Last Sunday, in that very same channel I had a brief exchange with Sarah Hobbs, aka hobsee, one of the most respected Ubuntu members due to her contributions to community relations where she said “It seems that the technical knowledge of users diminishes with each new release” or something like that, if memory serves me right (I keep forgetting to enable logging in my IRC client). That was in the morning. In the evening, the operators on the channel were a bunch of losers who do not deserve the air they breath and happened what I refer above. Anyway, that very much summarizes my thoughts on the matter. I have started severing my ties to that particular “community” because, if you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas. I still use the distribution but as things go, I much rather use Debian with Garnome or FreeBSD than Ubuntu and that’s exactly what I’m starting to do. Yet, I do find that there are things to be done within the developer community and Im considering rekindling my long lost interest in packaging, translation and development. Yet, being the steppenwolf I am, I wonder if I would ever fit withing an “open source community” of sorts. Hell, I don’t fit in the academic community (where I belong by my own rights, suppossedly) because I can’t withstand the arse-kissing (and even ball-licking) that goes on among the “established academics” and “scientists”. That’s a game I won’t play, it goes against my sense of selfworth and integrity. I’m too much of a ろょにん not to cringe at the idea of selling out my personal principles.