On being a businessman and all that

Wandering across Planet Fedora I ran into a blog post from a fellow national that talks a bit about cosaslibres.com. As far as I know through the grapevine, cosaslibres.com is a one-man show that’s been running since the last century or turnabout.

It is meritorious that the guy had the guts to start a dotcom business in Colombia of all places at a time when most high-end internet users in the country believed that 28K modems were teh kool (wish I had done it). The business has grown but apparently not enough for him to grow as a business person yet; he has spread too thin to give attention to the basics of his business. That’s the failure of many small businesses where the owner can’t let go to become first the general manager and later the main stock holder and president of the board. There ain’t that many people out there as hungry as Bill Gates, Mr. Duh-velopers, Carlos Slim or Julio Mario Santodomingo…

BTW, that blog should allow OpenID logins. I much rather have people identify with an OpenID that’s traceable than allow open commenting to all with hand-hold moderation as I have set this blog now. Let’s hope wordpress.com becomes an OpenID consumer soon.