Wine and µTorrent can rot an Ext3 filesystem

Note to self: All bittorrent clients are horrid. Some have a bearable stench, others haven’t. And for some reason these days I find all POSIXy clients despicable.

Thus enter µTorrent running under wine. And I start getting these weird filesystem errors that could eventually eat the whole filesystem where there are some really rare and valuable files. I started poking at the problem and discovered that µTorrent has its own disk-cache manager that, of course, enters in conflict with the Linux one. There you have a testament to the design flaws of the Windows NT VM and the NTFS filesystem; you  have to implement your own disk-cache manager if you want something that works. Fortunately you can turn it off.

So I’ve settled on this configuration:

  • Linux: 2.6.30 (yeah, a release candidate for now), makes Ext filesystems work in writeback journaling mode with write safety.
  • Filesystem: Ext3 with write barriers enabled to cover your backside against hardware write cache idiocy.
  • wine: A very recent vintage
  • µTorrent: The latest with all disk cache settings disabled.