Bye, bye The Inq

I’ve been a fan of Mad Mike Magee for a long time and always followed his site The Inquirer with a knack to keep in touch with technology and have a good laugh at the same time. But in the last months (since the “relaunch” on 1st of January this year) the site has become more and more drooling to the point of being intellectually unsavory. I was wondering why until last night while keeping up with two weeks of unread cruft in my RSS aggregator, a piece of news caught my eye: one of the old-time hacks, Paul Hales, retired. Off I went and discovered several things:

  • Mad Mike sold The Inq two years ago and I didn’t notice. Jeez, my brains have been on vacation for too long!
  • Mad Mike is a fan of Inspector Morse. (I’m a fan of Inspector Lewis too, FWIW).
  • Mad Mike is writing at TG Daily.
  • Charlie Demerjian is writing at SemiAccurate.

And last but not least, I agree with Mad Mike: He sold a house and the new owners have turned it into a brothel.