Creating a MPEG2 file with mencoder

Note to self: This is a reminder and follow up on the previous post of how I managed to reencode an AVC1/AC3 video in a Matroska container to a DVD-ready MPEG2 file with the original AC3 sound in a MPEG container (VOB), just like DVD authoring tools like their files (no sign of players supporting h.264 where I live yet, else…).

mencoder the_darned_movie.mkv -sub -utf8 -subfont-text-scale 3.3 -subpos 96 -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg2video:vbitrate=5000:mbd=2:trell=yes:gmc=yes:aspect=1.83/1:vpass=1 -of mpeg -mpegopts format=dvd:muxrate=24000:tsaf=yes:interleaving2=yes:vframerate=25 -noskip -o /dev/null

and then the actual encoding (make sure to copy the log file from the first pass somewhere safe just in case):

mencoder the_darned_movie.mkv -sub -utf8 -subfont-text-scale 3.3 -subpos 96 -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg2video:vbitrate=5000:mbd=2:trell=yes:gmc=yes:aspect=1.83/1:vpass=2 -of mpeg -mpegopts format=dvd:muxrate=24000:tsaf=yes:interleaving2=yes:vframerate=25 -noskip -o the_darned_movie.mpg

I made a couple of fix ups, such as converting the srt file to UTF-8, with gaupol. As well, lavf output doesn’t support VOB output as it was my first idea and to make things worse, it is broken as per program output (MPlayer SVN-r31918 a.k.a MPlayer 1.0.rc4). But, the MPEG muxer supports VOB, yay!