I’m switching this blog to English

I’ve decided on a whim, and several months of kettle boiling, that I rather prefer to use English as the main language of this weblog.

What does all this mean? At least two things:

  1. I feel equally at ease writing and ranting in English as in Spanish. I make myself look stupid in Spanish frequently, I haven’t in English for a while. Practice makes perfect.
  2. I much rather deal with English speaking losers than with Spanish speaking ones. Believe it or not(tm), the quality of the English-speaking trolling community is light-years ahead the quality of the Spanish-speaking one. I don’t mind a good controversy once in a while but I do like to be creatively insulted if ever; calling my mother names in public comments only bespeaks the reasons why we Latin Americans are considered lower life forms by everybody else on the planet (see my previous log entry).

Of course I won’t stop writing entries in Spanish, particularly those of a technical nature; after all, a good Vorbote has to bring the good news to the ones in dire need of enlightenment.


¡Hola, hooola!

Bueno, esto es culpa del zamuro. Aquí anunciaré buenas y malas nuevas, como buen vorbote que soy.