The conceptual definition of fanboy

Being adult is to stop hiding from others with masks and lies. Reaching enlightenment is to stop hiding from ourselves and to be able to see reality as is. Both are difficult tasks and many people live all their lives trapped in their own delusional fantasies.

The anonimity lent by the intarweb seems to be a letter of marque to many people who evidently have a murky perception of reality, yet thanks to their insecurity and mental confusion (I won’t talk about intellect because you need a clear mind to start using your intellect), try to impose their cockamamie ideas on others. As well as their incredibly poor use of syntax and ignorance of semantics. And this takes us to trying to distill the concept of the fanboy.

The fanboy is what I say above and worse. Usually male in the early or the late stages of his life. The young ones are ignorant and emotionally confused, therefore arrogant. The old ones are ignorant, thus arrogant but compounded with ill-founded pride due to their self-aggrandizement “my years of experience give me the right to pontificate about life, death and all in-between”. People who think that typing python -c "print 'Hello World!'" makes you an authority. On what, I don’t have the foggiest.

And this brings me to the motivation of this post. Have you been reading lots of blog comments saying the author that he should use PCLinuxOS because it is the best next thing after the discovery of fire? Today the DistroWatch Newsletter comes with a very interesting statistic and a conclusion: the average number of users in an IRC support channel is a realistic numerical measure of the actual user base. Ready to have a reality check?


Alan Bain’s Simply Occult website

Finally, after all these years, I’ve found Alan Bain’s legacy in the Web Archive. That’s a pleasant surprise and an omen that the time has come for certain projects of mine. More of that soonish that laterish.

And even better, here is Alan Bain’s The Keys to the Kabbalah, the original MS Word 6.0 files. A real treasure! But don’t forget to explore the rest of the site. M. Euser writings and research is equally interesting.