Font Hacks

Once upon a time I was a heavy TeX and *roff user and had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with fonts. I still do, but I’ve grown more into a publishing editor kind of obsession that simply a typographical designer. Hey! We all have our mental ilnesseses. 🙂 A couple of years back, due to a series of unfortunate events involving Filezilla, I managed to blow up the old website where I had a copy of my fonts. I didn’t think there was any kind of interest in them anymore seeing that I never got real feedback from end users despite the odd bug report so I didn’t bother trying to restore the website from backup.

Until this week that is. I was contacted by Alan G. Isaac about my very cool hack called “Courier 15 CPI”. It was created by using Courier 10 BT and readjusting it to track to 15 characters per inch at 10 point size while doing it a serious Spa treatment to keep the letters in shape.

So without further ado, you can search of the font related posts by simply looking for the fonts tag or for the really lazy, here is the list of the already resurrected fonts in this blog:


2 thoughts on “Font Hacks

  1. I’m interesting in trying out your font for a project. Unfortunately the box share is dead, is it possible for you to re-post your font? Thanks!

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